How to Substitute Yarn in a Cocoknits Sweater

Choosing a yarn in a color and texture you love is what makes a garment unique to you. Cocoknits wholeheartedly encourages yarn substitutions. Check out our Modify Your Gauge video for a simple way to plan your Cocoknits Method sweater with a different yarn.

The yarn you choose can totally transform the look and feel of a garment. Thinner yarns worked at an open gauge give a flowy fabric, just make sure they are strong enough to survive snagging! While thicker yarns will create denser, cozier garments.


    Here are some suggestions for substitutions in Cocoknits patterns:



    • Emma in Habu a-188 (for a more open knit)
    • Emma in Malabrigo chunky or Fibre Co Tundra (for a denser fabric)


    • Veronika in Floating by Verb (for a softer drape)


    • Madeline in Habu thin kid-mohair & silk (for an elegant, sheer version)


    Natalie in Habu a-188 (for a totally different look – crisp & good for warm weather)



    • Patterns using Classic Elite you can substitute, Fibre Co Tundra, Blue Sky Techno, Malabrigo Chunky.
    • For Franca, Woolfolk Far or Luft.


    Kathryn Wilson, Shreveport, Louisiana

    I am trying to figure out how much yarn for the emma version a at 16sts/4’’ gauge. My workbook and notions are on their way, excited to get started!

    My friends judy and wanda just returned from the workshop with julie in canada. They had nothing but wonderful reports!

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