How to Join Cotton & Linen Tape Yarn

When joining a new skein of tape yarn like Habu n-100 Wide Cotton Gima, Julie avoids disrupting the texture of the fabric by overlapping the yarn ends as little as possible. But because cotton and linen aren’t as grippy as wool, there’s a chance the short tails might slip out and unravel.  Julie has an unconventional yet simple solution: sew them together!

Recommended Tools


Yarn Snip

To cut the sewing thread.



Needle & Thread

To sew the yarn ends together.

Find a cotton thread in a color that matches your yarn, or is at least a low-contrast approximate color.

Use a fine, sharp needle - Julie likes these Easy Thread Needles from Merchant & Mills.

How To...


Overlap the Yarn Ends

Overlap the yarn ends by only 3 inches (7.5 cm) or so.

Here Julie is demonstrating on Habu n-100 Wide Cotton Gima.


Sew Yarn Together

Using your needle and thread, work a simple running stitch along the center 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the overlapped yarn, leaving a few inches of thread as a tail. Double back and stitch to where you started, then knot the thread ends together. Trim thread.


Leave Yarn Tails

Leave 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) of yarn tails. These tails will stay on the Wrong Side of your work, and the added length will ensure they do not accidentally flip to the Right Side - particularly on open knits like this Emma (Version B) tee.


Knit On!

If possible, try to knit the joined yarn in an inconspicuous area like the back or side. Depending on the texture and color of your yarn, this will best prevent it from disrupting the overall look of your finished garment.

Want to skip the sewing? If you order from Habu's website, you can have your total specified yardage wound onto a single cone - rather than using multiple skeins that need to be joined.


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