How to Bias Bind-off Smoothly

This simple trick will greatly improve the finished look of your knitted projects. Use bias bind-off whenever you have bind-offs over multiple rows e.g., necklines and shoulder shaping.

Look at the stair-step effect of a regular bind-off in the first photo, compared to the bias bind-off in the second photo.



Step 1

Your first row of binding off is normal. From then on, slip the last unworked st p-wise in the row before your next bind-off.


Step 2

Turn your work and begin to bind off as follows: slip the first TWO sts p-wise (2 sts on rt needle).


For Example

If you are working stockinette stitch and you have these directions in front of you: BO 5 sts at beg of next 3 RS rows (beginning with a RS row). It will look like this:Pull the first st over the second st and off the rt needle (the standard bind-off technique). That’s your first bind-off. Now continue binding off normally (k or p a st, then pull the 1st st on rt needle over 2nd and off needle) counting that first slipped st bind off as your first bound off st.


Bind off 5 sts normally, knit across remaining sts.


Purl across to last st and slip it unworked. Turn work.


Slip the first two sts, pull the first st over the second st (one st bound off). Now bind off an additional 4 sts normally and k remaining sts.


Purl to last st and slip it unworked. Turn work.


Slip 2 sts, pull first st over second (one st bound off). Now bind off an additional 4 sts normally and k remaining sts.





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Jo Cowgill

Please do a video of this technique as I am a visual learner.

Suzanne Warner

I never liked the “steps” bind off. Awkward to sew up. Thanks so much.


Wendy – Thanks for the feedback! As we mentioned before it’s a lot of work to publish a video, that being said I’m sharing your feedback with the team so we can consider this video for the future. Thank you!


I’m a visual learner too, a video would be great


Hi Cindy, there are so many great videos for us to make, but they are very time-consuming so we have to pick and choose. That being said, we’re adding this to the list of possibilities :)

Cindy Mar

It would help me to be shown a video rather than just an explanation. I guess I’m a visual learner.

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