How to Make a Cord (with a kitchen mixer)

The hand-held kitchen mixer method works best if you have two people. These directions are for a four-ply cord.


Determine how long you want your finished cord and measure out 5 times your desired length. For instance, for a  44" / 112 cm finished length, you’ll need approx 6 yds / 5.5 m of yarn.


Step 1

String yarn through one beater of the mixer so it is halved, you can knot the ends together.


Step 2

Stand across from each other so one person is holding mixer, one person is holding knotted end of yarn loop and yarn is now ½ its original length.


Step 3

Turn on the mixer to slowest speed and keep the yarn taught as it twists. Continue to twist and when it begins to twist on itself – it will be very tightly twisted – stop the mixer.


Step 4

Hold the yarn taught, the person holding the knotted end should turn sideways and put finger on the halfway point between mixer and knotted end.


Step 5

Keeping yarn taught, fold the cord at that halfway point and join the ends (knotted and mixer) and allow yarn to twist on itself. You can pull and release cord to even out the twist.


Step 6

Hold the joined ends, cut the yarn below the knot so that you also cut it away from the mixer and tie a new knot with all four strands leaving some decorative ends as desired.


Step 7

Tie a knot in the other end of cord to match and cut looped ends.

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