How to Join in the Round without Twisting

There are times when you want to knit a moebius or infinity loop garment, but usually when knitting in the round you want to avoid the twist. We’ve all been there, accidentally twisted the join and realized 2 or 3 inches into knitting that you have a moebius! Here is a really easy way to avoid that painful discovery.



Step 1

Start with the two-strand CO leaving a tail a few inches long.


Step 2

Instead of joining immediately, turn and simply work back and forth for the first few rows (what would be rounds). The aforementioned garments each begin with Garter Stitch which is much easier to work flat anyway (knit every row rather than purl a round, knit a round).


Step 3

After at least one row, join, making sure the RS is facing out and begin working in the round. Even if it is after one row, you will have more than just a CO edge to help you see whether or not you have twisted your knitting.


Step 4

You will have to do a tiny bit of seaming to finish (use the tail you left when casting on), but it is well worth it to avoid an unintended Moebius.

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