Cocoknits Sweater Workshop - 4 session class

A fantastic opportunity to use the Cocoknits sweater method to create a custom fit sweater. The method uses top-down knitting to create neck, shoulders, and back with increases specific to your body, guaranteeing a sweater that fits and flatters you perfectly. You will use this book—and the method—over and over again. Peggy is a true believer in the method, and is excited to share it with you.

Class fee includes the book "Cocoknits Sweater Workshop" and Cocoknits round color-coded split-ring markers, both required for the class.

Optional Cocoknits supplies available to order for the class include Cocoknits Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit ($24, recommended) and the Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet Journal ($15). Please inquire after registering for the class if you are interested in these optional supplies.