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everything wool should be…


Harris tweed.

This is a wonderful audio slide-show about the making of Harris Tweed…

It’s weaving, not knitting but wool nonetheless.  Gorgeous and interesting, enjoy watching while you knit!

a neater way to ssk


Have you noticed that k2tog looks neater than ssk? Try this little trick to see if it neatens up your ssk stitches a bit.

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non-English language knitter?


I am often asked if I have my patterns translated into other languages. I don’t (except the Danish version of the Prairie Boots) but thanks to the internet you may be able to do it yourself. continue reading »

The Next Generation of Knitters


Most of the knitters that I interact with during my classes and trunk shows are “of a certain age.”  So I was especially thrilled to receive an email from a young woman named Sadie… but not only because she is a talented, young knitter! continue reading »

Spinning A Yarn

mulberry - spinning a yarn

The design house Mulberry put together a wonderful little video called “Spinning A Yarn” in which we get to meet two of the knitters responsible for the handknits in their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Fun to watch while knitting!

ponchos, swonchos, cocoons…


Whatever you want to call them! Chunky, cozy wraps. But how do you keep warm without looking like a snowman? Think about keeping the rest of the silhouette slim to balance a bulky knit (read more here).  Long, slender

circular gauge


Have you noticed that your gauge tightens up when you knit in the round? If so, join the club! It’s very common for the knit st to be tighter than the purl st so when you eliminate the purl rows by knitting in the round you often tighten up significantly. continue reading »

Yarn Tasting


When shops host Habu and cocoknits together we often do a yarn tasting. People sometimes ask what a yarn tasting is and why they would want to do one. I tell them the best reason to take part in a yarn tasting is that it is an excuse to play!

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knitted and knotted necklace


I love finding fun knitting projects on the web. Here are a couple great ones via pages from my moleskine. Enjoy!



In most of my sweaters you will only have two short seams on each shoulder; the top, bound-off edge of the front to the sloped back shoulder and the top, bound-off edge of the sleeve to the side of the front. Since there are only two little seams it’s worthwhile getting them right. continue reading »

Getting a measurement on open knits


I often knit yarn on a larger needle than suggested because I like open, drapey fabric. When you do this, be careful when you measure your knitting. continue reading »

Irish knitwear


If it is too hot to knit wherever you are take a little break and enjoy this short video about knitwear company Inis Meain on the Irish Island of Meain. Wonderful that they have found a way to keep the knitting business relevant and sustainable today. (continue to view the video) continue reading »

Increasing stitches on a patterned sleeve


If working a sweater in pattern, such as Mishke or Anna, I tend to work the sleeve in ribbing to keep the lines running vertically up the arm thereby slimming it. continue reading »

Lessons from a Tailor


Here is a great video about Martin Greenfield. He is a tailor, not a knitter but I found his story so inspiring … and still fiber-related. I promise you will enjoy it so take a minute and watch it while you knit … (continue to view the video) continue reading »

Seam Allowance


I am very excited for the party kicking off the Seam Allowance program this Saturday from 3-6pm at A Verb For Keeping Warm. I am intrigued by the idea of making 25% of my own clothing mostly as a personal challenge to see if I can do it. continue reading »

Now join, being careful not to twist…


Those words elicit a groan from any of my knitting students who have accidentally twisted the join on Maria, Gretel or Liesl and realized 2 or 3″ into their knitting that they are making a moebius garment! Here is a really easy way to avoid that painful discovery. continue reading »

tips and techniques in person


I just returned from two back-to-back trunk shows with Habu Textiles! We had a great time at Black Sheep Yarn Shop (Baltimore) and Loop (Philadelphia). One of the best parts of visiting yarn shops and teaching workshops is knitting with people in-person and sharing tips and techniques. continue reading »

Stella in Verb


I am often asked about yarn substitutions and I always encourage them. Choosing a yarn in a color and texture you love is what makes a garment unique to you. continue reading »

No more estimating tail length for a long tail CO


I like long-tail CO. I like the neat edge of what would be considered the “purl” side. But how often have you CO 200 of 220 and run out of yarn, ripped, CO again only to have 3 yards of extra tail at the end? continue reading »

Knitting with twine


Here is a fun little knitting project… should you find yourself long on time and short on yarn this summer!

originally found on 3191 miles apart

Christien Meindertsma

via Remodelista

Here is a nice overview of Dutch artist Christien Meindertsma. I love her giant aran rugs and sweaters knit from the wool of a single sheep. Read more about these and her other amazing works on her website.