Q&A: Cocoknits Cast-on

Why do you use Judy’s magic cast-on? Do I have to use it or can I do this CO another way?

I love Judy’s magic CO because it leaves the second set of stitches on a cord or needle ready to knit. You don’t need to go back and either cut away scrap yarn or unravel a crocheted provisional cast-on and then pick up the stitches.

In Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, I use this provisional cast-on (PCO) for the back neck of the Lizzie and Franca collars. This is the perfect place to try it because you only CO a few stitches. You can watch the Cocoknits video to see the mechanics of how to work the PCO.

When you finish, you will have the PCO amount of stitches on both your top and bottom needles. If you use interchangeable needles (I swear by Addi clicks) you can leave one set of stitches on the cord, secured by two small Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers. Work as instructed from the other, working set of stitches. When you come back the the held PCO stitches, pop off the Stitch Stoppers, click or screw your needles onto the cord and knit away!

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  1. Do you have a video on line to show how to cocoknit.

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