Plastic Bag Knitting

What do you do with all those plastic shopping bags that multiply in your cupboard? You knit with them, of course! After you’ve cut-up your bags for knitting, download the free re-bag pattern.


How To Cut The Bag

Plastic Bag Knitting 1Lay the bag out still pleated:

Cut off the handles and the bottom (if you don’t cut off too much a target bag will yield 18”):

Unfold pleats and lay flat:

Now mark 3” from one folded edge:

Fold the bag over to meet that 3” mark:

Now fold again to the 3” mark:

Across the folded section, mark 3” intervals.

Now cut only through the folded section at those 3” marks:

Draw lines that begin on the left side of each 3” section and end at the top 1.5” over to the right:

Fold the top over and continue each line over the top and to the right until it meets the slit to the right of the 3” section:

Finished lines:

Now cut on those lines through only one layer:

Finished cutting:

When you pull on the end, you will find it is one long piece ready for knitting. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t need to draw the lines for cutting.

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