Cocoknits – Stella Shoulder Seam

How To Finish a Cocoknits Shoulder Seam

In most of my sweaters you will only have two short seams on each shoulder; the top, bound-off edge of the front to the sloped back shoulder and the top, bound-off edge of the sleeve to the side of the front. Since there are only two little seams it’s worthwhile getting them right.

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Cocoknits Rag Doily Rug

Rag Knitting

Many years ago I accompanied my mother to a farm auction. Amongst the sale items, I found a couple balls of colorful rag yarn. As the auction went on in the background, I studied the “yarn” balls until I figured out how the strips were attached to each other. The balls are fun to make and display, even if you never knit anything with your “yarn”.

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