Getting a Measurement on Open Knits

I often knit yarn on a larger needle than suggested because I like open, drapey fabric. When you do this, be careful when you measure your knitting. It’s tempting to stretch your work lengthwise so you can move things along more quickly. But you may be sorry…


Anna knitted in Tahki Ripple using US11. Weekend Wrap knitted in Habu A-111 using  US17.

I always tell knitters to stretch their work widthwise to the called-for measurements (check your schematics for that figure). Then measure your length. This can make a difference of several inches in your finished piece. Especially on something like the Weekend Wrap, you don’t want short, skimpy fronts!


  1. Virginia fuller

    Very beautiful designs. I really do want to knit some of these sweaters. Love the small yarn and large needles. I can’t find a retailer for the pattern coco knits, veronika knitting pattern. Any suggestions? Looking forward to getting your mail. Thank you for your creative ideas. Virginia Fuller

    • Hi,

      I do have a retail section on the website so you can search for a LYS near you that carries cocoknits patterns. They are also all available as PDF downloads from this site. Thanks!

  2. Jude

    Made the weekend wrap but don’t know what to do with the loose ends. Because of the loose weave, I can’t hide the tails. What to do?

    • Hi,
      You really need to use sewing thread and a needle to whip-stitch the ends of yarn together. Then you can snip the yarn ends short and keep the join invisible!


    • marta quant

      i am working on a beautiful WEEKEND WRAP
      i’ve come to the armholes and i’m lost
      please help, the yo the rt needle backwards, i don’t get it

  3. Beverly Miserlian

    My friend asked me to help here with the week-end Wrap by J Weisenberger. I have taught knitting and crocheting many other subjects for 50 years but this one stumped me. I am wondering if the pattern has a correction or if it is me reading something wrong IWhen it comes to the armhole it ends up being the size for a tiny baby. What am I doing wrong? Bev

  4. Carol Abrahams

    Can you give me a little more info about “whip-stitching the ends together”? I made Veronica using Habu n-80 and have oh so many ends!

    • With this yarn, I use the “thread” that is wrapped around the yarn, which is very handy! I only do this if necessary – for my Veronika, I just knitted with both strands of yarn together for about 5 sts, then left tails about 1″ (so that they stay to the back and don’t pop to the front). You can work duplicate st if you have already finished knitting. I found I didn’t need to whipstitch the ends – but if you do, try using that “thread” wrapped around the yarn rather than sewing thread.

  5. Maura Callahan

    I’m knitting Gretel with Habu A-174. Any tips on joining new yarn/weaving in ends once my first cone runs out?
    Thank you!

    • Yes…If you can do it where a side seam would be, it may work to knit with both strands (old and new) for 5-7 stitches, then drop the old and continue with the new. If that doesn’t seem to hold well enough (or is situated somewhere that it shows too much) you can use this method until you finish the garment, then come back to it and with needle and matching thread, overlap the two strands and sew them together. That’s sort of an extreme measure, but will make a secure join!

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