Paulina with a Twist

Here is Paulina knitted with A Verb For Keeping Warm’s Reliquary II in color Transnational Fury; the pattern takes just one skein.

You can see the knitter did not knit the curved hem on the front. I have had quite a few customers do Paulina this way, essentially you knit two backs.

I like the way this yarn made the bottom edge wavy. It’s a cute little t-shirt type garment, easy to throw on over a tank to hide upper arms without adding too much heat!

On the right is the original done in Habu printed cotton gima.


  1. betsy tatsugawa

    How much is the price of Paulina 2 pattern

  2. Linda

    would it be difficult to raise the neckline a little?

    • Not at all…you are knitting sideways so those are decreases taken at the neckline edge. Do fewer decreases and you’ll get a higher neckline. Do no decreases at all (or just a couple) and you would get a boat-neck.

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