Long Katje

Remember cropped Katje? She’s a hoodie knitted seamlessly from the top of the hood down so it was very easy to undo the BO and keep going. I added length, hip shaping and pockets to make her a more wearable garment for me.

Here’s what I did:

Undo bottom edge BO and rip back until body measures 8″ below underarm. Re-establish the side markers and work as est, inc 1 st each side of m’s (4 sts per inc row) every RS row 5 times, then every 4th row 6 times; 44 additional sts. Cont with no further inc’s and at the same time when body measures 14″ from underarm place pockets as follows:

On RS work edge sts, then k a further 9 sts, *place next 23 sts on hold and in their place CO 23 sts. Cont k around until 32 sts before edging, repeat from * for pocket, ending k9, work edge sts. Cont until body measures 24″ from armhole, working a bottom edging if desired, I did not. BO.

To finish pockets, work the 23 held sts in St st for 6 1/2″, BO. Follow tutorial for stitching them to the back of sweater. This mod required a further 2 1/2 skeins of Kathmandu Aran.



  1. Marcia Yoselowitz

    Is there a pattern for this or does one have to purchase the pattern for the cropped jacket and thne follow the instruction on the net to adapt to a long one. My daughter wants to know if it can be knit in anything other than wooll? She’s of course aasking if I can knit it, but wool iss too hot any heavy for her.

    • It is the same pattern and then you follow the directions to adapt it to a long one. If you can find a non-wool yarn that gets gauge, that’s fine! Maybe a cotton, linen or silk combo?

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