Pebble Tape Measures

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After going through countless retractable plastic tape measures, and feeling bad about throwing them away when they no longer retracted, I bought myself one of these pebble tape measures. It’s so smooth in the hand, I found I was looking for things to measure because I wanted an excuse to use it – and half an hour after I was finished measuring, I’d find I was still turning it in my palm! I tracked down the source so I could share the joy with Cocoknits customers. This tape measure is not retractable, it really cannot break, but you do need to hold the tape or it will coil back into its pebble.

Product Details

  • Measures 2" wide x 2.5" tall x 0.5" deep
  • Displays both centimeters and inches
  • Does not contain locking mechanism
  • Extends to 6 feet (72")
  • Made of real wood so some variation in color and grain will occur


  • One pebble tape measure
  • Cotton drawstring bag
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