French Market Bag

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Unfortunately this product is discontinued. We can no longer source French Market Bags from our supplier, and do not plan to restock them.

While teaching in France, I was at a market in St. Antonin and found this petite French market basket bag with both short and long leather handles. I tried in vain to find them in the US but could only find the large ones. I finally sourced and imported them from Morocco myself. Each tote is slightly unique as they are handmade by artisans.


Product Details

  • Each bag is handcrafted
  • Petit: 18-20"w 10"d 11-12"h
  • Grand: 20-22"w 10"d 13-14"h
  • Size may vary slightly

How to Use

  • Grand size
    • Perfect for shopping at the farmer's market
    • Store yarn decoratively at home
  • Petit size
    • Perfect for a knitting project and a few essentials (tool pouch, water bottle, purse…)
sold out
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