Q&A: the idea for the Knitter’s Keep

How did you come up with the idea for the Knitter’s Keep?

Julie: It started with a cable needle – and what the heck do you do with it when you’re not using it? I’ve seen knitters hold it in their teeth or behind their ear, but usually it falls into the couch cushions and you have to dig around to find it. I had a friend who would tuck it into her hair on top of her head; one time she found it while driving in the car, still securely perched in her hair!

I realized if I had a magnetic something closeby, I could have a cable needle, metal stitch markers, tapestry needle, and even small yarn snips – it would be so handy! So I came up with the idea of a smooth silicone slap bracelet with a sturdy steel plated magnet on top that is large enough to hold quite a few tools at the same time, and not so large that it’s unwieldy on your wrist.

What if a knitter doesn’t like wearing bracelets?

Julie: I use mine as a straight edge too, to read across pattern graphs or our new Cocoknits Worksheets. The magnet slides all the way to one end of the bracelet so you have a nice long edge. The silicone tends to stay in place on your paper or book better than a ruler, and all of my tools are still right near me. It also could be wrapped around the arm of your chair, a nearby lamp or the handles of your project bag, or….around a bottle of something, like your beer or wine!

What else do you use the Knitter’s Keep for?

Julie: I actually use it a lot when I’m sewing. When I’m knitting I’m usually sitting in one place, but when I sew I’m going from the sewing machine to where I have my fabric and pattern laid out to the ironing board, so it’s really great to have the Keep with lots of pins, small snips, and even a seam ripper right with me so I’m not running back and forth. A real time saver!

In addition to knitting and sewing, we have heard from customers who have used their KK for holding paper clips at work, hairpins (especially while doing hair for weddings!) nails and screws while working around the house…let us know if you have a novel use for your KK!

How are you using your #knitterskeep?

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  1. Simona L. Brickers

    Exceptional tutorial and information shared. I have already become a better knitter from joining your mailing list and receiving my first newsletter. My one question must have, in addition to the Knitters Keep, is the pattern for the sweater in the illustration – WOW!!!

  2. Cindy

    I love mine as well. The only problem is that I wear a watch on that same arm, and it ran by a battery. The watch stopped and didn’t start up again, and I thought it had a dead battery until taking it in 3 times for replacement and then cleaning/repair. I finally figured out the mysterious stops coincided with my wearing my knitkeep. Now I only wear the keep on my right wrist!! Lesson learned!

    • Wow, interesting! I don’t wear a watch so this has never been an issue, but good to know, thanks for sharing!!

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