Yarn Tasting

When shops host Habu and Cocoknits together we often do a yarn tasting. People sometimes ask what a yarn tasting is and why they would want to do one. I tell them the best reason to take part in a yarn tasting is that it is an excuse to play!

It always looks like a candy shop with all the gorgeous colors and textures of yarn. It’s a chance to try 10 or 12 different types of yarn you might never have considered buying. CO with a needle size that you like to use and start swatching. Start with one yarn, add in another…drop and add textures and colors with no pressure to create anything specific.

While you relax and play with yarn Takako of Habu tells you about the yarns and answers any questions about their origins and how the yarn is made. We have tons of samples so we can show you finished objects in most of the yarns.

You should come out of the yarn tasting with a colorful swatch striped with different combinations of yarn. The great thing about this is you have a physical record of your time spent playing so when you go to knit your next project, maybe you will have stumbled upon a yarn or combination of yarns that you love. Hopefully you have a feeling for which of the unusual fibers you’d like to use in a whole garment or which ones you would definitely avoid. A couple hours spent swatching could open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Upcoming yarn tastings with Habu in September at Websters in Ashland OR, and in November at Knitterly in Petaluma CA and  A Verb For Keeping Warm in Oakland, CA.


  1. Claudia Rathbun

    Do you ever do yarn tastings in Lake Havasu City or Yuma, AZ? They are 90 miles from me but the nearest yarn shops.

    • We haven’t been to AZ…but keep a watch on the website for upcoming events, maybe we’ll get there someday!

  2. Carla Jean Pugh

    I was in Churchmouse a couple years ago and tried on your samples. Sublime! Loved knowing how they looked on my body. Will you be in CM again anytime soon?

    • Hi,
      I haven’t booked anything up at CM! Maybe when I see Kit and John at the next wholesale show we can plan something;-)

  3. I’ve been wondering what exacting a yarn tasting was-very enlightening!

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