The Next Generation of Knitters

Most of the knitters that I interact with during my classes and trunk shows are “of a certain age.” So I was especially thrilled to receive an email from a young woman named Sadie… but not only because she is a talented, young knitter!

Sadie knitted Yvonne for her 4-H project and won a purple ribbon at her local county fair. Her piece was then featured at the Nebraska State Fair where she also won a purple ribbon and special recognition for a clever pattern.  Next she was chosen as one of 25 winners out of 3,000 entries for inclusion in the Robert Hillstead Gallery at the University of Nebraska as part of a show entitled  “Celebration of Youth XIX: Exploding Boundaries”.

She informed me she had used Brown Sheep Yarn Co’s “Cotton Fleece” to knit Yvonne and I had news for her…I grew up in Nebraska in a small town just down the road from the Textile Gallery at UNL which makes this an All Nebraska Project!  My parents attended the closing reception and took this picture of Sadie and her Yvonne.

I am so proud of Sadie and encouraged that a whole new generation is knitting!


  1. anie

    So sweet! My dad grew up in Lincoln, NE, also~on Orchard street! He used to run in the fields with his brothers and try to “get” bunnies by throwing their pocket knives at them. We are all still wondering how many pocket knives are under all the building that has been done since then!!

  2. Tracy

    Gotta love an All Nebraska Project!

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