The Next Generation of Knitters

Most of the knitters that I interact with during my classes and trunk shows are “of a certain age.” So I was especially thrilled to receive an email from a young woman named Sadie… but not only because she is a talented, young knitter!

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Mulberry Spinning a Yarn

Spinning A Yarn

The design house Mulberry put together a wonderful little video called “Spinning A Yarn” in which we get to meet two of the knitters responsible for the handknits in their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Fun to watch while knitting!

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Yarn Tasting

When shops host Habu and Cocoknits together we often do a yarn tasting. People sometimes ask what a yarn tasting is and why they would want to do one. I tell them the best reason to take part in a yarn tasting is that it is an excuse to play!

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Inis Méain

Irish knitwear

If it is too hot to knit wherever you are take a little break and enjoy this short video about knitwear company Inis Meain on the Irish Island of Meain. Wonderful that they have found a way to keep the knitting business relevant and sustainable today.

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