Commitment to Sustainability

At Cocoknits, we carefully consider the environmental impact and sustainability with every product we design and package. With this in mind, we try to source and manufacture our products as locally as possible. But finding local manufacturers that can produce products in large quantities can be difficult, regardless of price. With all of our products, we are thoughtful and transparent about where we source and manufacture them.

A couple of our products are made by artisans in the United States: the Leather Tool Kit and the Concrete Trays. The French Market Bags are made in Morocco and imported via France. The Pebble Tape Measures are from India. The remaining items are from vendors in China.


We try to balance responsible sourcing with reasonable pricing. Cocoknits does not repackage items that have already been imported from China, a practice that adds layer(s) of murky transaction(s) and unaccountability. Instead, we work directly with our vendors and have someone who vets the vendors and verifies that they are reputable and fair. We do this to ensure transparency so that we know who our vendors are and where they are located — we could drop in on them tomorrow. This also allows us to pay a fair price for the products because they pass directly from the source to Cocoknits to you.


Kraft Packaging

Cocoknits designs with a lot of kraft paper packaging. We love the look and feel of it, but we also like that it has a low environmental impact. In most cases, our packaging is also meant for continued use.

  • The stitch marker containers are meant to last as long as your stitch markers.
  • The sturdy kraft tube which contains the yarn snip has been designed to also store your long, skinny knitting tools — stitch fixer, cable needles, and tapestry needles.
  • The cylinder which contains the Knitter’s Keep kit is perfect for holding your wound skeins or balls of yarn. You can even cut a hole in the lid to feed the yarn through it.

Jute Bags

Cocoknits’ Knitter’s Block and Sweater Care Kits are shipped with sturdy jute bags for easy portability and storage. We have chosen jute for it’s many environmentally friendly qualities.

We don’t profess to be perfect, but we promise to keep trying to bring you fun, new tools in as sustainable a manner as possible!