In most of my sweaters you will only have two short seams on each shoulder; the top, bound-off edge of the front to the sloped back shoulder and the top, bound-off edge of the sleeve to the side of the front. Since there are only two little seams it’s worthwhile getting them right. They are both invisible vertical to horizontal seams.

stella and jakob shoulder seam

In preparation for these seams remember that anytime a BO edge is going to be seamed to something, you should bind off in Stockinette stitch, not in pattern.  If you are working in pattern don’t worry that the St st BO row will show, it will disappear in the seam.  But doing this will make working the seam much easier and why not make things easier, knitting is supposed to be enjoyable!

mishke shoulder seam

I like the seaming illustrations at Vogue Knitting. Scroll down until you find the directions for the Invisible Vertical to Horizontal seam.



  1. That vogue resource is fantastic, I’ve pinned it for many future references. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for pointing us to the Vogue site. A very experienced knitter I knew said that the Vogue Knitting book, for technique resources, is really all you will ever need. Maybe not completely true anymore – I can think of several new favorites – but close enough., especially if you can only afford – or have room for – one book.

  3. What about 2 bound-off strap edges, like Maude? What are the best options? The Vogue site doesn’t reference this one.

  4. (and did anyone else spot the typo on the Vogue site? They need a proofreader… “invisible verticle on ribbing”, ha ha!

  5. Pamela Galadrial Reply to Pamela

    thank you for the instructions re: finishing. I have the pattern for Coco knits “Maria”. designed by Julie Weisenberger and the finishing at the end does not make sense. This does. thank you..

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