Getting a Measurement on Open Knits

I often knit yarn on a larger needle than suggested because I like open, drapey fabric. When you do this, be careful when you measure your knitting. It’s tempting to stretch your work lengthwise so you can move things along more quickly. But you may be sorry…

I always tell knitters to stretch their work widthwise to the called-for measurements (check your schematics for that figure). Then measure your length. This can make a difference of several inches in your finished piece. Especially on something like the Weekend Wrap, you don’t want short, skimpy fronts!

(Picture above: Anna knitted in Tahki Ripple using US11. Weekend Wrap knitted in Habu A-111 using  US17.)



  1. Virginia fuller Reply to Virginia

    Very beautiful designs. I really do want to knit some of these sweaters. Love the small yarn and large needles. I can’t find a retailer for the pattern coco knits, veronika knitting pattern. Any suggestions? Looking forward to getting your mail. Thank you for your creative ideas. Virginia Fuller

    • Hi,

      I do have a retail section on the website so you can search for a LYS near you that carries cocoknits patterns. They are also all available as PDF downloads from this site. Thanks!

  2. Made the weekend wrap but don’t know what to do with the loose ends. Because of the loose weave, I can’t hide the tails. What to do?

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