ponchos, swonchos, cocoons…

Whatever you want to call them! Chunky, cozy wraps. But how do you keep warm without looking like a snowman? Think about keeping the rest of the silhouette slim to balance a bulky knit (read more here).  Long, slender skirts or slim pants with boots…

By the way, this is the Cocoon Wrap knitted up in Malabrigo Twist (100% Baby Merino wool, 150 yards/100 grams skein).  Yummy, soft and cozy!


  1. Linda Jackson says:

    I LOVE this!! Is the pattern available somewhere? Oh, and I Love your site! Just discovered it.

    • julie says:

      Click on the link and it will take you to the pattern. It’s the cocoon wrap.

  2. Laurie Bilbruck says:


    It looks nothing like your pattern, did you use a much larger needle? The pattern front looks much shorter, which is not a good look for me. I like the Malabrigo twist look much better.


    • julie says:

      It’s the exact same garment…you can wear it upside down to make the fronts longer/shorter…

  3. Denise Grossman says:

    I have knit this wrap in two yarns the silky wool by Lavold and the gradient by schopel yarns. I plan to knit it again in habu silk and flax linen by Louet . I love, love this pattern and want to knit a number of them in different colors and weights. Could you tell me what yarn is the green cocoon wrap knit in?? You are by far my favorite designer on ravelry. Great oragami design element.
    Thank you

    • julie says:

      Hi, It is stated up by the photo with a link. It’s Malabrigo Twist. Thanks!

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